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2018 Working-Class Protests Report

In 2018, we identified 1,197 individual protest events of workers and public servants by scanning all the local and national print media and some websites. These protest events occurred as part of a total of 642 cases. These cases include workplace-based protests, general protests, and solidarity protests. Number of these cases are 429, 174 and 39 respectively. In comparison to last year, the number of cases has increased by a small amount, but the number of single protest events has decreased by 10%. Out of 1,197 single protest events, 32% are those related to collective labor agreements in the workplaces tied to MESS (Metal Industrialists’ Union of Turkey), and protests of public servants expelled from public institutions by the decree laws.

You can download the 2018 Working-Class Protests Report

2017 Working-Class Protests Report

2017 Working-Class Protests Report is now in English!

Labor Studies Group (LSG) was established in September 2014 as a result of a series of meetings of academics, researchers, and trade union experts in order to work in coordination.

LSG aims to institutionalize a platform for researchers, academics, and journalists who want to support the labor movement; so that they can work in an organized way and put out qualified and effective works. LSG treats different subjects of the labor movement equally and seeks to provide material support for the movement. LSG aims to increase the visibility of the working class and workers’ struggles and improve the capacity of trade unions to develop policies based on data.

LSG is open for everyone who shares these objectives and principles.

You can download the report, here is the link:

2017 Working Class Protests in Turkey – Report